Cultural awareness for multicultural teams

Multicultural diverse teams have the potential to be high performing teams. However, working (online) together with people from different nationalities can also be very challenging. Culture influences the way we expect collaboration and communication to happen and leadership to take place. Misunderstandings can easily occur and subgroups may form hindering achieving the team goals. Taking out time for teams to understand each other’s differences and value each other’s contribution helps build cultural awareness and an inclusive culture where everyone can thrive.

What will participants take away from this training:

  • You understand what culture is and how culture is expressed 
  • You have discussed how your own culture and personality affects your way of collaborating, leadership and communication with others
  • You can recognize behavior that may come from these values and expectations people may have from you and you have for others
  • How to deal with stereotyping and unconscious bias as an obstacle for real contact and good decision making. 
  • You have discussed typical team situations in an international environment you may encounter and options how to deal with them the best way
  • You are able to address each other’s differences in a respectful, neutral way and can come to more understanding from both sides.

For whom:

For multicultural international teams and their teamleads/ managers who want to build cultural awareness and inclusive teams


2 day interactive training with groupwork, exercises, movieclips and laughs. (online 4 modules of the training)


English or Dutch


We use instruction and experience based learning, movie clips, knowledge sharing and peer to peer learning. The theory is based on the cultural dimensions of G.J. Hofstede: “Culture: software of the Mind” and “Thinking Fast and slow” from D. Kahneman.

Online or live:

This training can be conducted online (through Zoom) for max 9 people per group or in a classroom
This training is offered live for 10-12 people in a room provided the Covid-19 measures can be assured.

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