Cultural awareness

In spite of covid-19, organizations and people will continue to be globally focussed.
Students do international exchanges, complete master courses or traineeships abroad. Talent is recruited from all over the world to work in international companies in multicultural teams. Your company’s headquarters may be in Holland, your IT team outsourced to India, production is done in China and your sales team is operating all over the world.

Different ideas

With people from different cultural backgrounds collaborating come different ideas of dealing with time, working together well, expectations from leadership and communication styles. Let alone the bias that comes from using different languages or working remotely!

Get up to speed

These trainings will help your newcomers, expats or students get comfortable and up to speed easier in a multicultural and/or Dutch environment.

What challenges do you recognize?

  • Providing international students or expats coming to the Netherlands with cultural knowledge and skills
  • Working internationally in multicultural teams and dealing with cultural challenges connecting with clients from a different cultural background
  • Getting multicultural teams to collaborate better for higher performance

If you say yes to one of the above challenges we can support you with cultural awarenes training.

Do you recognize these challenges?

  • Getting every teammember to commit to the value of diversity and contribute to a culture of inclusion
  • Making employees and leaders aware of the negative impact of unconscious bias
  • Activating the organization to start leading teams in an inclusive way

If you say yes to one of the above challenges we can support you with Diversity & Inclusion training.

“Diversity is a fact, inclusion is a choice in dealing with those differences”

Previous clients: Tomtom bv, FMO, Ministerie van Justitie en Veiligheid

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