Dutch culture and working internationally

Do you work in an organization, a team or an educational institution with people from different cultural backgrounds? You will probably experience some cultural differences. Sometimes surprising, sometimes frustrating.
You want to be as respectful as possible to the other person but sometimes it’s hard to be yourself. To what extent do you go along with different ways of working and communicating and where do you set your own boundaries? When you are the only one from a different culture it can be difficult to be yourself or to deal with stereotyping.
If you are looking for an interactive, enjoyable training for your team about cultural differences (with or without an actor) in which you will explore and understand a variety of cultures together – then this is the training for you.
Since 2014, we have a lot of experience in providing culture training for teams such as Nutricia, Vroon, TU Delft, Medtronic, Blue Cielo, Victim Support, the Rino Group Foundation Boost, Foundation Netwerkpro.
The training content can be adjusted depending on what is needed by the team or the organisation.

What will you take away from this training:

  • We have explored the terms culture and diversity and made them personal
  • You understand the influence of one’s own culture on communication and cooperation and leadership
  • We have used different cultural models to compare different country cultures or
  • Discussed how personality and culture and identity are related to each other and play out in daily collaboration
  • You know the reason for and negative impact of stereotyping, unconscious bias and how to minimize this
  • We discuss tricky day to day cultural situations and how to address them in a respectful way
  • You get tips from each other and the trainer on how to bridge differences in culture and better communicate your message.

For whom:

In-company, Teams, HR teams, executive teams


2-4 parts of the day


Dutch or English


The learning process consists of: preparation for the training by means of an e-learning, a live training day (where a personal communication action points are made for in practice) and a follow-up of the training and of this plan through a coach conversation. The theory is based the culture theory of Prof. Hofstede.

Online or live:

The training can be given online (via Zoom) for up to 9 participants per group online or class for up to 10-12 participants as long as the Corona measures are observed.

Blended learning options:

The training can be supported by an online learning platform from Global. On this learning platform, participants can find additional information between training days, do exercises, discuss with other participants and the trainer and have contact. There is also a possibility of a subsequent coaching discussion about the intended action points.

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