Mondiaal brings people together because we believe its the only way to succeed in organisations, in teams and within society.

Mondiaal Training offers training and coaching services.

When people feel distance, Mondiaal brings them together. When communication is tough, we get the conversation going. If people are working from islands, Mondiaal helps to build bridges.

We thrive in an international context or in companies with (cultural) diversity either in staff or client base. But also in companies where people experience working on “islands” and building relationships is necessary for better communication and bottom-line results.

Depending on the optimisation you are looking for in your company or team, our connect-communicate-collaborate training program is tailored every time to your specific needs.

We specialise in 3 areas:

  1. Focused on building trust and respect, the fundamentals for any good working relationship.
  2. Deals with improving communication skills, giving feedback and understanding your own role in the verbal and non-verbal communication process.
  3. Working together can be challenging because everyone has a unique communication style and team role. The focus here is finding more effective ways to collaborate.

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Gloria (1975) is a Dutch national currently living in Amsterdam with her husband and 2 kids. She has finished her Masters in Human Resources Management with a certificate in Organisation Development from the New School University in New York City, US (2001). After about 10 years in the international HR field, she changed her careerpath to be an independent accredited (Nobtra (link to ) Professional Trainer (2014) . This has satisfied her need to feel more connected to people and being able to make a difference in her work.

Gloria lived in in Belgium, the United States and did an internship in China. She regularly visits Pakistan because of family.

Separate or additional to training, individuals can receive coaching on work- or personal related questions. Gloria coaches according to the Co-Active Coaching © model.

The certification program is acknowledged by the ICF, The International Coach Foundation.

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