Inclusive leadership training

The world is changing rapidly and organizations need to be able to change at the same pace to keep their competitive advantage. Talent is scarce and competition is high. Teams are nowadays made up of people of different cultural backgrounds, ethnicity, languages, gender, sexual orientation and communication styles.
Diverse teams have the potential to produce excellent results and an average of a 35% higher profitability. However, when poorly managed and without a culture of inclusiveness, communication can rapidly deteriorate, misunderstandings follow and cooperation can degenerate into distrust.
An inclusive leader is authentic, connects, stimulates and guards an inclusive culture.

If you want to lead your diverse team towards a high performing team and be an inclusive leader: this is the training for you.
It will help you to acquire the right knowledge, mindset and create an inclusive environment where all members of your diverse team can thrive for excellence.

What will you take away from this training:

Module Authenticity (Leads self)

  • Understanding the benefits and challenges of leading a super diverse team
  • Understanding your own elements of identity and diversity and how they affect your leadership
  • Identifying your communication and leadership style with DISC
  • Understanding your natural position towards differences, harmony and conflict and the impact of taking different positions

Module Connection (Leads relationships)

  • Understanding the cultural aspect and how culture is created
  • Minimize unconscious bias, stereotyping and generalizations
  • Creating psychological safety for diverse opinions and solutions

Module Stimulation (towards goals)

  • Setting the right environment
  • Understanding team dynamics: team phases, building trust within the team
  • Newcomers, Leavers, Subgroups, from exclusion to inclusion and how to influence team dynamics
  • Appreciative inquiry, solution oriented management, setting goals

Module Guarding ( Leads culture of inclusiveness)

  • Dealing with conflict
  • Celebrating success

For whom:

Managers & teamleads of all levels of the organization, HR teams, executive teams


6 months program with 4 live training days, 2 online sessions and in between online assignments in the Mondiaal Training Learning Platform.


English or Dutch


We use instruction and experience based learning, knowledge sharing and peer to peer learning. The program is supported by the online Mondiaal Training Learning Platform.

Online or live:

This training can be conducted online (through Zoom) for max 9 people per group or in a classroom
This training is offered live for 10-12 people in a room provided the Covid-19 measures can be assured.

Engagement of the team:

For engaging the team for Diversity & Inclusion and having a shared vocabulary, we advise the Exploring diversity training & the Unconscious bias training.

Ons trainingsaanbod:

Unconscious bias training

Diversity Awareness

Cultural awareness for multicultural teams

Dutch culture and working internationally