• "We brought in Gloria to help our Engineering Teams and Architects in Germany transform from individual specialist engineers to an effective Agile Team. She was instrumental in providing one on one coaching to team members spanning topics from time management, to learning how to give feedback, to working with others. She made a tremendous impact on both individuals as well as the teams themselves. Engagement is up and the teams are on the path to being self-managed and self-directing. On behalf of the teams thank you very much for all of your hard work and contribution."

    James Janisse Vice President, Navigation Data Tomtom
  • Erg leerzame training! Gloria is vakkundig en stimuleerde tot actieve deelname.

    Hatice Merense verpleegkundige, GCA
  • Er kwam heel veel aan bod, er was ruimte voor inbreng en persoonlijke verhalen. Zeker leuk en leerzaam. Gloria is inspirerend en enthousiast.

    C.M. van Cimmenade verpleegkundige, GCA
  • Deze trainingsdag was een goede mix van theorie en praktijk!

    Beatrijs Balvers verpleegkundige, GCA
  • Leuke leerzame dag, fijn dat het interactief is en geen moment langdradig, heel goed!

    Susan van Heesbeen verpleegkundige, GCA
  • I found the training very helpful for the team because we have a better understanding of eachother. On a personal level it helped me identify my strong/weak points.

    Rutger Pieko Senior Analyst, Tomtom
  • The insights I got from the training about personal improvement, the materials used and the exercises we did made me reflect on my learning points.. it was a very positive experience.

    Gert-Jan Cartier Technical lead, Tomtom
  • Gloria is very professional, You can tell she knows about communication and likes to share her experience and knowledge with others.

    Marco Perniciaro Technical lead, Tomtom
  • I have learnt how important it is in communication to make a connection first. It has effected my work as well as personal relationships in a positive way.

    Eleni Stavrou Product Owner, Tomtom
  • I became better with representing my ideas and convincing people because of this communication training.

    Dmytro Gorbunov Software developer, Tomtom