Unconscious bias training

We like to think that we take rational decisions, based on facts and figures. However, the human mind tends to be quite lazy and makes use of shortcuts. Fact is that in most important decision making moments we are very much influenced by our unconscious mind! Therefore we stereotype and generalize and go ‘with our gut feeling’. Most of the time we are not even aware we are of doing it. This can lead to bad decision making, loss of talent and decreased team productivity.
If your team is ready to make the unconscious more conscious: this is the training for you.
This training will help to contribute to an inclusive culture, improve good decision making and increase team engagement.

What will your team take away from this training:

  • Understanding of neurological processes causing bias in judging situations and people
  • Becoming aware of most common biases that effect everyday (work) life: affinity bias, gender bias, information bias, conformation bias, halo and horn effect
  • Identify the situations and moments when decision making can easily be biased and the negative impact it can have
  • Learn ways to override bias and help to rewire the brain for better decision making
  • For laying the foundation for D&I understanding within the company or team, we advise to conduct this workshop together with the Exploring diversity training.

For whom:

Teams of all levels of the organization, HR teams, executive teams


Half day or full day training


English or Dutch


We use instruction and experience based learning, knowledge sharing and peer to peer learning. The theory is based on neurological research, scientific articles and the book “ Thinking fast and slow” Daniel Kahneman.

Online or live:

This training can be conducted online (through Zoom) for max 9 people per group or in a classroom
This training is offered live for 10-12 people in a room provided the Covid-19 measures can be assured.

Blended learning options:

This training can be supported by the online learning platform of Mondiaal Training. On this learning platform participants can view more information, do exercises and do assignments for improved learning results in between training days.

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